Let’s make these embarrassing moments less awkward together!
Imagine you’re dancing at your friend’s party in a beautiful summer top and all of a sudden your bra slips down! What a bummer! But I know how not to let that happen again! Just place your left bra strip onto the right сlasp and vice versa.

And if your boots keep slipping down, place some adhesive tape to it. It’ll be much more stable.

I just hate when my summer dress or skirt starts flying when I’m walking down the streets. If you’ve ever faced this problem you know what I’m talking about. Next time before you go out, stick some coins with Velcro to your skirt/dress bottom line. Now you can walk with your hands free!

Once I tripped in my new high heels and fell down. Hurt my knees pretty bad. Since then I never wear new heels until I do this. I scratch the soles of the shoes with a nail file then spray it with a hair sprayer.

This one for those who always party hard. If you don’t wanna get those smelly armpits, pour some vodka on the tissue and apply it to your armpits. Voila! You can dance all night long! : )


1:30 How to store your lashes
3:38 Keeping makeup brush clean
6:25 Chafing thighs?

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