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  • Why ppl never check and look while walking the street? Be street smart ppl! Even if the street sign says walk! Still Watch for cars! Never really trust the sign and especially other drivers. Just Watch where u r going! Dont be a dumbass like the ppl in this video

  • Stupid human is everywhere. Pedestrians crossing without looking both ways, all the drivers in the deep hurry, the whole society are so stupid…they don’t see the danger ahead of them.

  • Too bad no one was using go pro's when i had my accident on a old Suzuki FZ50 i was coming to an intersection with a green arrow and green light for our side of the lights and red light for oncoming traffic and a big panel van was waiting to turn right so my view and the oncoming cars view was blocked and the guy in the turn lane from opposite direction thought the van was letting him pass and did not think that i could have been a bicycle or a moped of somekind so he starts to turn and then i come into view from behind the van and the guy stops in my way i then react in the best hollywood action scene sense i react with jumping up on the seat with my feet and i do a front roll over the car only thing i ended up injuring was my pinky finger for some reason and i end up on my feet on the other side of the car i just hit with my fz50.

    And i was in shock but okay but i wish i had that on camera because at the time i just reacted but i could have just as easily wound up in the hospital with serious injuries, the guy in the car i hit tried to put the blame on me but thankfully the guy in the panel van was a witness and told the true story not the one that old fool was giving.

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