Do you sit on the toilet correctly?
In the wrong position intestine is pinched and blocked!

In the squatting position puborectalis muscle is relaxed, colon is straigheted out. In the animal world this is the most natural position.

Use a prop for your legs to sit at a right angle.

No matter who we are or where we live – we all experience the unpleasantness of a clogged toilet every so often. With this oh-so-clever trick, you’ll be back to smooth sailing before you know it!

In the video below, I’ll demonstrate the unclogging process by first covering the entire opening of the toilet with two layers of plastic wrap. After ensuring that the plastic wrap is fastened tightly to the bowl, flush the toilet. Doing this should cause the layer of plastic wrap to “balloon.” Gently and slowly push down on the plastic wrap – the suction should help to force the clogged material down. Enjoy your restroom time! : )

Magnetic knife strips are really handy for bathroom stuff! They allow for the removal of that huge mess on your countertop, freeing up valuable space. They allow for easy access to your clippers and brushes as you can mount them pretty much wherever you want. Plus, they look really cool, too!

The only bad thing about magnetic knife strips is that they usually cost upwards of 30 dollars for good ones. 30 dollars?! That is way too much for this DIY. So, I’ve come up with a way to make homemade knife strips on the cheap!

Strip of wood
Sticky-backed magnet roll


0:51 Do you sit on the toilet correctly?
3:01 Bag space
5:03 Magnetic strip hack
6:17 Clogged drain

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