Find out a collection of hacks how to reuse things to save the environment, unexpected uses of ordinary things and quick and easy crafts!
– Use the scissors to make several cuts through some foil and they will be sharp again!
– Wine corks certainly make perfect point protectors and stop those stitches from sliding off your needle.
– Stop your yarn ball rolling around on the floor by using a bowl and binder clip;
– Use a shower cap to store your sneakers in a sport bag
– Learn how to create a DIY plastic bottle puff that will cost you a penny. You may choose any color or design that will suit your home décor and taste.
– What to do with empty Pringles can? You can turn them into something really useful and it won’t take much effort! Upcycle it into a holder for makeup remover pads
– Create easy and cute sweets dispenser for the party that your child will totally love. You will need a plastic cup and a plastic bottle
– Take a few plastic bottles and place them underneath your shirt to make an emergency life jacket
– Create a paper toilet roll cover to prevent your cat and children from wasting all your toilet roll
– Make a strainer for your veggies using a plastic bottle
– Check out genius paper clip lifehacks that everybody should know: want to wear a racerback top but you don’t have the right bra? You can just use a paperclip! Simply use it to connect the two straps at the back between the shoulder blades
– Use a paper clip to easily clasp a bracelet by yourself
– Make a screwdriver out of a paperclip
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01:32 How to decorate a dresser
01:42 Sweets dispenser
04:49 Reuse Pringles cans
05:07 DIY Lifejacket
07:34 DIY strainer
11:05 Paperclip screwdriver

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