I adore creative yet insanely handy hacks! And I’m here to share them with you!

Swimming season isn’t over, find out how to make awesome life jacket. You’ll need plastic bottles and comfy T-shirt. Just put plastic bottles under your T-shirt and put a lid on it over the T-shirt. Do this on both sides, your front and back. To finish off, tie your T-shirt with rope right under the bottles’ bottoms. And swim safely!

If your hyperactive cat keeps messing with toilet paper, protect it with plastic bottle. Coke bottle will suit perfectly. Cut out a central part of the bottle. Put some protection paper on the edges and it’s ready to use!

Did you know you could start a fire with chips in case of emergency cold weather?

If you don’t want to get dirty salty hands and want to get that last chip still, just take your scissors and cut an edge of the chips’ bag. Or you can use chopsticks!

If you don’t want to spill your coffee just take Springles’ cap and cover the coffee cup with it!

Don’t forget to check how to make giant chip you can eat for the whole month!


0:11 Emergency life jacket
0:47 Toilet paper protector
1:21 Ugh! Hanger bumps!
6:08 WD-40 is always to your service!
8:45 Chips hacks

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