How to recycle used plastic bottles?

Recycling of plastic items is crucial for our planet and out environment. It takes thousands of years for plastic to totally dissolve in the earth. And it has already polluted the planet. Then why throwing away your used plastic bottles? Just recycle them with this simple tutorial video!

Amazing and clever life hacks on how to recycle simple plastic bottles everyone has in their house. Here are some of our cool ideas:

1. Plastic bottle broom 00:36
This awesome craft allows you to repurpose several plastic bottles at once. Isn’t it amazing? Take a bottle and cut off its bottom part. Now cut thin vertical stripes, repeat for 4-5 bottles. It is time to put them one on another and secure with a rubber band you can buy at any stationary store. Well done! Attach the broom to the stick and start using it. This is a really cool craft for outdoor works as you won’t care even if it becomes really dirty.

2. Upgrade your fan using plastic bottles 09:39
Next life hack is our favorite, especially during the hot summer days. Transform your ordinary fan into an air conditioner! Take a plastic bottle and carefully poke a few holes in it (you will need it for a better air flow). Now cut off the bottle’s bottom and hang a bottle behind your fan using a paper clip. You will need two bottles for both sides. Put some ice cubes inside the bottles and turn the fan on. Enjoy the cold air flowing out!

3. Soap bubbles from a plastic bottle 12:56
Do you want to surprise you friends? Or maybe you’re planning a garden party and want to amaze kids with a little show? Then our next trick is just foe you! Take a plastic bottle and cut its bottom off. Now put your old (but clean) sock on the bottle. Place the sock into a soapy water and blow from the other side of the bottle. Do you see the magic happening? You will get adorable bubbly foam that will amaze everyone around you. What a fun idea!

01:13 Plastic bottle puff
02:27 DIY charging station for your phone
04:52 Cut fruits and vegetables safely
07:37 Plastic bottle flip flops
09:54 How to wrap a gift using a bottle
14:14 Fantastic DIY bubble machine

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