Easy sports life hacks for gym

Do you love sports? I definitely do! So lets make these couple of hours of training in the gym or at home better and even more enjoyable.

1. Excessive sweating and smell
We all sweat, but it can be a problem during intense workouts. But not anymore! To prevent dark circles around your breast use two of your everyday hygiene pads and place them inside your sports bra. How to stop excessive underarm sweating? Same! Put two hygienic pads onto the inner surface of your T-shirt sleeves.

2. Loosing your keys?
There is a simple yet genius way to always keep the keys close to you while working out. Just tie them with your laces while wearing your trainers. They will be kept safe.

3. Where to put phone while working out
How do you carry your phone to the gym? We have a great DIY idea on how to carry your phone with you in a DIY phone armband while working out. Take a pair of old socks, cut the ribbon of one of them and wear it on your arm. Now you can put your phone into this DIY arm holder and start training! Connect your headphones or earphones to listen to some music while working out.

4. Perfect hairstyles for the gym
Do you have long hair? Then you may know how messy in can get after working out. Here are some simple hairstyling tips. Make a tight and big hair bun using your old sock. Just cut its end and add it to the bun for some extra support and volume. Hair bands life Invisibobbles can get loose. In order to shrink stretched Invisibobble, place it in a bowl of hot water for a couple of seconds.

5. How to tie your shoes
How to properly lace and tie your trainers for running? Check out our video here 04:08. You will learn some easy techniques to tie your shoes properly in no time at all! Or just use a clip and forget about this problem forever.

Give new life to your lonely sock, find out how to banish bad smell, avooid blisters, how to make metabolism – increasing coctails and much more helpful sporty hacks! 😉🏃‍♀️

00:37 Smart packing for the gym
02:17 DIY phone armband from a single old sock
02:41 Simple hairstyles for the gym
05:55 Brilliant ways to fold clothes
09:11 Healthy drink recipes and detox waters
10:24 How sports changes our bodies
12:19 How to do 100 push-ups in 30 days

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