Life hacks with sponges

How do we usually use sponges? To clean dishes, shoes, floors and more. However, there are much more uses for sponges than you can imagine! A simple sponge is a really handy thing all around the house!

If you cut a sponge and put a small piece of soap inside, you will get a perfect cleaning tool for bathroom. Neat! Or just microwave your old dirty beauty blender to remove all the dirt.

Moreover, you can even create a unique nail design! Just cut a sponge to the size of your finger, paint it with two or more colors and apply to your nails. You will be surprised with the beautiful and smooth gradient of colors it will leave.

00:45 Microwave you beauty blender!
01:30 The right way to keep soap in the bathroom
02:27 How to hide cash in a trip? In a sponge!
03:13 The fastest way to remove your old nail polish
05:09 A sponge with a soap inside

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