Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination! This time I’ll show you some pretty awesome ways to recycle old broken crayons into something truly beautiful. You can make super cute colorful candles, paintings, animal-shaped or Lego-shaped chalks, wonderful pendants and cool prints for your T-shirts using parchment!

And here’s what we need to make beautiful crayon candles!
Old candles (if you want to color your candles a light color, I suggest you use your old white candles)
Candle Wicks
Recycled Jars
Crayons (The Crayola brand works the best)
Candle scents. Optional (please don’t use perfume since it is highly flammable)
A container to melt wax
Paper towels

1. Choose a glass or metal container you want to place your candle in and make sure it is clean and dry.
2. Place the wick in your container. You can wrap the top of the wick around a pencil and place it on the rim, and this will keep your wick centered.
3. Next cut up your recycled old candle wax and place in the candle making pot. Try and isolate your wick and leave it out of the melting process.
4. Place your melting pot on the stove and turn the heat to low. Make sure to constantly watch your wax since it tends to melt quickly and burn.
5. Add one or two crayons depending on the amount of wax you use.
6. Melt your mixture and pour into your prepared candle containers.
7. Let cool and trim the wick.

Pencil shavings

So you have an idea for a picture in the forefront of your mind. You get put your box of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. With the picture still clear in your mind, you sharpen each and every pencil and put a sheet of white paper on the table, ready to get creative. So what would you expect to happen next?

Not what happens here, that’s for sure! Instead of throwing away the pencil shavings and keeping the colored pencils to start drawing with, virtually the reverse happens. When you begin to look closer at the images you will be in for quite a surprise, yet we know you will also marvel at the ingenuity of some people. Though carefully removed from the colored pencils, these delicate shavings have been retained to create the most marvelous array of pictures, either as an adornment to a simple sketch, or as an entire work of art.


2:30 From beginners to pros
4:34 Toothy pictures
10:26 Space painting
13:28 Painting with yarn

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