How to Make Perfect, Crispy Fries with 10 Easy Tricks

Who never ate a piece of fries that were soft or burnt on the outside and raw on the inside? At the end of the day, a dish as basic as fried potato has its science. In this article, we will discuss how to make perfect and crispy fries with 10 easy tricks.

10 tricks to make perfect and crispy fries are given here
Hard potato
Size matters
Secret rinse
Used is better
Generous oil
Triplet or doublet
The ice law
Little is much
The question of salt

1. Hard potato
You have to know how to choose the potato. Discard the soft ones or those that are still a bit green, because during the cooking they do not finish evaporating enough water and, instead of remaining firm and crispy, they end up soft. Although the commas barely take them out of the pan, they soften very quickly. Stay with the toughest.

2. Size matters
The ideal size for a potato chip is between 6 and 7 mm wide. This thickness ensures a good contact surface with the oil during cooking.

3. Secret rinse
Before cooking the potatoes, it is best to wash them with cold water to remove excess starch, which is responsible for sticking to each other. This procedure also helps to get crispy potatoes.

4. Used is better
Potato cooking takes more time if it is made in new oil. An oil reused until the satiety (as it happens in many restaurants) leaves a burnt taste that is not pleasant to the palate either. No end is good. The equilibrium point is in the filtered oil that was used two or three times.

5. Generous oil
To make rich potato chips, you need a good amount of oil. An even cooking is guaranteed when the potatoes are completely submerged. So throw oil into the pan without fear, you can use it again.

6. Triplet or doublet
If you have time, the ideal thing is to whiten or pre-cook the potatoes in boiling water, fry for a few minutes and freeze, before giving them a second cooking. Does it give you so much work? Boil the potatoes until they are almost fully cooked, chill them and then throw them in the pan.

7. The ice law
It is a fixed one: if the freezes come out richer. Why? In the refrigerator, the water that the potato contains turns into ice and destroys the cellular structures, leaving a creamy interior and an exterior that, without excess liquid, remains with a better color when it comes into contact with the oil.

8. Temperature
If the oil is too hot, you burn the potatoes. The ideal temperature is between 120 ° C and 150 ° C, for the first cooking, and 175 ° C for the second. To know the right temperature, throw a piece of bread in the pan. If it stays on the bottom it is around 150 ° C, if it rises quickly, from 175 ° C, if it is toasted it is that you went hand in hand with the fire.

9. Little is much
Make the fries in several batches. If you put a lot, the oil cools and the potatoes will be soft and pale. Patience, it’s only a few minutes.

10. The question of salt

It is best to salt the fries when they come out of the pan. This helps to absorb the surplus oil and remain crisp. When you add the salt before cooking, you run the risk of the potato softening.

We hope you like these 10 tricks to make perfect and crispy fries. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas.

Have a great day!

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